We are based at Grand Anse Praslin, the second largest island reachable by a 15 minute domestic flight or 1 hour by fast ferry from Mahe

We offer pick-up and drop-off services for all of our excursions. This means that we will pick you up from your hotel and return you to your hotel after your adventure with us; if you are from Mahe we will pick you up from the airport or the jetty.  If you are staying at a private home, please let us know and we will tell you where to meet us on the day.

All our excursions include the boat, crew, pick-up and drop off services, non-alcoholic drinks and guided snorkelling trips with snorkelling equipment. Once you book an excursion with us, you will receive documentation confirming your reservation and which will also include all the relevant details.


  • Comfortable clothing for a day at sea.
  • Swimming suits or trunks
  • Flip flops or waterproof beach sandals.
  • Hats or Caps
  • Sunglasses
  • Seasickness prevention medicine – always carry this along  and if you are susceptible please have this at least ½ an hour before boarding the boat.
  • Sun screen
  • A waterproof bag with sealed seams or pouch for your phone or camera.
  • Insect repellent against both mosquitoes and sandflies.
  • Your camera!
  • Light raincoats.


The Seychelles islands experience two trade winds yearly. The north west trade winds visit us from December to April, and there is more precipitation and it is warmer. The sea is generally calm to moderate. This time of year is the best for sailing and fishing and sea activities in general. All the islands surrounding Praslin are generally accessible and it is the ideal season for island hopping. Beaches on the North-Western side of the islands are not accessible by sea as the winds blowing there create bigger waves. Make sure to travel with a light anorak or rain jacket and pack an umbrella. Do not forget the mosquito repellent. There are generally more of these insects around because of the rain. Bring along a good book for you or board games and toys for the children. You may be stuck inside due to heavy rain for at least an afternoon during your stay.

From May to November the south easterly winds bring cooler air, a drier climate and more local vegetables on the market. It is more agreeable to book a guide and go for a walk on the many nature trails around the islands or simply take a walk through the town of Victoria. If you are opting to stay in a hotel without air condition, this is the best time to visit as you get a good night’s sleep without the oppressive humidity. The sea however, is normally moderate to rough. Always travel with sea sickness prevention medicine at this time of year. There are areas, on the North-Western side of the islands where the sea is calm. These are Beau Vallon on Mahé for example and Anse Lazio on Praslin. This is because they are not battered by the strong winds. They are sheltered and perfect for a swim and for children to take a dip and play. Normally you will find that the beaches on the South-Eastern part of the islands experience strong surf and many of them are eroded. The waves are pretty strong and can be dangerous. The open sea tends to be moderate to agitated so we do not to go too far in the open sea on our excursions at this time of year as it is uncomfortable for our guests. In spite of the general sea conditions, there is plenty to do in the shelter of the islands of La Digue and Praslin, so do not worry about not having the chance to step out on a boat.

Keep in mind however that the weather is always changeable. Our local weather is also affected by worldwide weather phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña. We have experienced a very wet and stormy June in 2016, which is not characteristic of our local weather patterns but 2015/2016 has been one of the strongest El Niño years on record.

We are very good mariners and we know our islands. There are excursions to be done throughout the year and if we see it will rain too much or the sea is too rough, we will cancel them. After all, you come on our excursions to have a great time and we would not like to see you uncomfortable.

A normal day in our tropical islands, is characterised by a mixture of sunshine, slight rainfall and some clouds, while the sea is normally slight and at times moderate. There are golden days, where you may be blessed with a full day of sunshine, ultra calm seas and crystal clear waters.

Should weather conditions be extreme, we would for security and safety reasons postpone the trip or cancel and refund it if there are no other possibilities. Your comfort and safety comes first and we will not take you out to sea if we know through information received by the meteorological services, that there will be pouring rain the whole day through, excessive winds and extremely high waves.


Our tours are made to measure.

The basic price for a half day is SCR 7,200.00 and SCR 9,700.00 for a full day.

Taxis, bicycles hires, entrance fees and lunches are paid separately. Further details will be communicated to you once you contact us.

Yes, please do print a receipt. However, we understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re travelling so, in that case, you can show us the receipt in your smartphone. Either way, we need to see a receipt either electronically or on paper to verify your booking.


Reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all excursions. They allow us to notify you of changes to the tour due to weather conditions or other factors. This could involve a change in itinerary, a change of pick-up times or a cancellation.

A lot of work and planning is done prior to the excursion. We need to organise the logistics, such as food and transportation to and from your hotel etc.

In the event of any excursion being cancelled before departure due to any reasons beyond our control, a full refund will be provided except for the booking deposit . Should Excursions need to be abandoned due to Force Majeure or difficulties en route, the amount refunded will be in accordance with the circumstances.

All Tours and Transfers may be cancelled up to 5 days before the event without any penalization however the booking deposit is not refundable. Cancellations of Tours within 5 days will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. The management may however, in such cases, should there be availability, postpone the Private Boat Charter to another date.